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ASTRO’s After Midnight is the hottest song for April 2022!

April has ended and as usual, we’re wrapping up our monthly poll “HOT 50 WORLD SONGS.”

The first quarter of the year is officially over and the second quarter started with a male group dominating the HOT 50 WORLD SONGS. For the first few months of 2022, it has always been female idol groups who won our HOT 50 WORLD SONGS poll. But now, it’s the boys’ time to shine.

Over 1.1 million votes were used on our HOT 50 WORLD SONGS APRIL 2022 poll and ASTRO from Fantagio Entertainment got the most votes out of 50 nominees. ASTRO’s After Midnight got over 370,000 votes taking the top spot in the poll.

After Midnight was released on August 2, 2021. Although months have passed, Kingchoice users still picked the track as the hottest song for April. We can’t blame them, the song is really good plus the visuals on the music video are on point!

And if you enjoyed After Midnight, wait a little bit longer because ASTRO will release another bop this May. ASTRO will unveil their full-length album Drive to the Starry Road with the title track “Candy Sugar Pop” on May 16.

The second placer and was officially dethroned by ASTRO is none other than Dreamcatcher. The group has been dominating Kingchoice’s HOT 50 WORLD SONGS for months now. Although this time, they didn’t snag the first spot, Dreamcatcher’s Because still got high votes and ranked second. The song got over 84,000 votes. Last month, Because ranked first.

Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher recently released their new album Apocalypse: Save Us with the title track “Maison.”

The third runner-up on the poll is none other than BLACKPINK’s Rosé. Her solo song “Gone” is still loved by Kingchoice users even though it has been released several months ago.” Gone” garnered over 77,000 votes. BLACKPINK will be returning soon. According to reports, the girls will release a new track as early as June.
If you want to check out the result of the poll, click here.

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Lucas is picked as the most popular Chinese idol for 2022

There are many Chinese idols in the industry. Many of them are popular not only in China but also in different countries. These idols are also multitalented as they can also be seen in dramas, variety programs, and many more. 

But among all of them, one Chinese idol stood out to Kingchoice users. It’s none other than NCT and WayV member, Lucas. There were over 1.8 million votes for the poll and Lucas got over 640,000 from it. He took first place in the most popular Chinese idol for the year. 

Although in 2022, Lucas hasn’t been seen in public. Fans only got an update from the NCT/WayV member when he posted on his official Instagram on February 9, 2022. 

In August 2021, SM Entertainment announced that Lucas will halt all his activities and will deeply reflect on his wrong behavior. 

Before all the controversies surrounding Lucas happened, he was active both in Korean and Chinese activities. 

For our top 2 and 3, these Chinese idols actually have worked together already. If you know the drama “The Untamed,” they are the main leads of the series. Xiao Zhan ranked second in our poll with over 460,000 votes while Wang Yibo got over 219,000 votes. 

The two are currently busy being an actor in China but before they became who they are today, they first started out as idols. Xiao Zhan is a member of the Chinese group X Nine. It was formed through the survival program X-Fire. 

Meanwhile, Wang Yibo first debuted as a member of the Korean-Chinese group UNIQ. He made his debut in 2014. 

Right now, both are focusing on their solo careers. 

 Xiao Zhan will be starring in the upcoming dramas The Longest Promise and Where Dreams Begin. 

On the other hand, Wang Yibo will be the main lead in the upcoming series Being a Hero and Private Shushan College. He is also set to join several upcoming films such as Formed Police Unit, The Chinese Test Pilot, Wu Ming, and Unexpected Love. 

You can see the result of the Most Popular Chinese Idols 2022 here

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The Top K-Pop Idol Vocalist for 2022 is Super Junior’s Yesung!

Over 16 million votes were cast for Kingchoice’s poll titled “100 KPOP Idol Vocalists Ranking 2022,” but there’s only one final winner, and it’s none other than Super Junior’s main vocalist, Yesung

Yesung achieved over 6.8 million votes from Kingchoice’s users. This is the first time that Yesung topped the Top K-Pop Idol Vocalist Poll. Yesung is one of the main vocals in Super Junior. It’s not a secret that his voice is one of the best among idol singers up until today. 

Even his stage name speaks for itself. His name Yesung also means art-like voice. Yesung is one of the main vocals of Super Junior. If you hear a clean high note on a Super Junior’s song, it’s most likely Yesung who’s singing it. He is also part of the ballad subunit of the group called Super Junior KRY. He also had his solo debut and has released several albums. Yesung is also known for singing OSTs on K-Dramas. Yesung’s iconic song would be the OST for Cinderella’s Sister. 

For this year, Yesung has participated in the February comeback of Super Junior. The group released the track, Callin. And as expected, Yesung once again proved that he is one of the main vocals of the group. 

This coming August, Yesung together with Super Junior and other SM Entertainment artists will be part of a concert in Japan. 

The second runner-up on the poll is none other than worldwide handsome, Kim Seokjin. He garnered over 6 million votes. 

Jin is the lead vocalist of BTS. Although he is not the main, many users of Kingchoice voted for and trusted him to be one of the top K-Pop Idol vocalists of the year.

Jin has always been nominated and almost always in the top ten on our polls about visuals, dance skills, other talents, and more. And as expected, his vocals are also appreciated by our users. 

Jin is currently preparing for a BTS comeback this coming June. 

The third spot goes to Astro’s MJ. He is the main vocalist of Astro. In Astro, MJ is the most active in activities that use his singing skills. He goes on musicals and even a competition program for a trot. Although many loved MJ’s voice, we won’t be able to hear it that much because he is set to enter the military on May 9. He will be on hiatus as an ASTRO member and will fulfill his duty as a Korean citizen. 

Aside from the three, most of the artists that also got high votes on the poll are SM Entertainment. Artists. They dominated the top 10 spots. Aside from Yesung, Kyuhyun, Yunho, Joy, Ryeowook, Changmin, and Donghae also ranked high in the 100 KPOP Idol Vocalists Ranking 2022 poll. Another BTS member also joined the top 10 spots and it’s none other than BTS’ main vocal, Jungkook. 

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The 2022 Visual Queen of K-Pop is A BlackPink member!

For this year, we already took the pulse of our users on which among the Korean actresses is the most beautiful. This time, Kingchoice held another poll for the K-Pop side. Here’s the result of Kingchoice’s Visual Queen of K-Pop 2022

I guess we can conclude that whether in Korean dramas or K-Pop side, she is the most beautiful in the eyes of Kingchoice users. Our top visual queen this year is the one and only BLACKPINK Jisoo. Yes, you read it right, she won once again but this time against her fellow idols. Jisoo took the top 1 rank for the visual queen title for this year. This also marks the third year that she topped our poll for Visual Queen of K-Pop. From 2020 until today, our users still think that Jisoo has the best visuals among other female K-Pop idols. 

For 2022, Jisoo got over 740,000 votes. She beat her YG senior, 2NE1 Sandara Park with over 200,000 votes. 

Even though we don’t make this kind of poll, it is common knowledge that Jisoo is visual. From the general public to even International fans, Jisoo is always praised for being one of the prettiest in the industry. And it’s seen on our poll as she got millions of votes. 

Jisoo is a member of the K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK. Aside from being active as an idol, Jisoo also entered the world of k-drama. She and her group also become the faces of several local and global brands. They are indeed it girls of their generation. Last year, Jisoo made her official debut as a lead in dramas. She partnered with Jung Hae In in the JTBC series “Snowdrop.” For this year, Jisoo participated in the Paris Fashion Week for the Dior Autumn-Winter 2022-2023 show. There is still no confirmed news yet on when her group BLACKPINK will return with new music. Fans are already anticipating when the four members will promote together once again. 

The second runner-up of the poll, is a former YG artist and 2NE1 member, Dara. Dara received over 400,000 votes from our users. Dara is known for being one of the prettiest in the second generation of K-Pop and it’s still considered up until today. There are several female idols nominated (some are even younger), but Dara proved that she can still be called a visual queen. Although she didn’t win our poll, she still got high votes from our users. 

Dara is currently busy appearing on variety programs as MC and judge. She is also now under Abyss Company. 

The third runner-up is none other than Joy from Red Velvet. Joy garnered over 356,000 votes and made it to the top three rankings. Although she is not labeled as the “visual” of her group, here in Kingchoice, she is picked as the top three visuals among female idols. 

Joy is currently promoting with Red Velvet on their title track “Feel My Rhythm” which was first released on March 21, 2022. 

Other idols that entered the top 10 spots are BLACKPINK Rose, Momoland Nancy, TWICE Tzuyu, and  Jeongyeon, aespa Karina, TWICE Sana, and BLACKPINK Jennie

If you want to see the result of Kingchoice’s poll on “Visual Queen of K-Pop 2022”, check out this link

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The 2022 Visual King of K-Pop is a Super Junior member!

Super Junior fans! Two members of Super Junior made it to the top three of the Visual King of K-Pop for 2022. And of course, a BTS member should rightfully be on the top three on the list, right? 

Here at Kingchoice, we conducted a poll to know who is the Visual King of K-Pop for the year 2022. There were several K-Pop idols who got nominated and among all of them, Super Junior Donghae took first place. 

Lee Donghae is hailed as the Visual King of K-Pop for 2022. He garnered over 12 million votes from March 1 to March 31, 2022. 

It’s not new to everyone that Lee Donghae is one of the best visuals among the Super Junior members. And it was also evident that our users chose Lee Donghae to be the Visual King for the year. He’s been on the top-ranking the whole month the poll was ongoing. 

Lee Donghae recently released a track with Super Junior titled “Callin.” They made a comeback in February. He is currently busy hosting Naver Now with Super Junior member Eunhyuk.

The 2nd runner-up for the Visual King of KPop title is none other than the worldwide handsome himself, BTS Kim Seokjin. Although he didn’t take the first spot, he gave a good fight by achieving over 11.9 million votes from our users. Of course, he is called the worldwide handsome so he should really be in the top three right? 

This is not the first time that Kim Seokjin has been part of the top rankings on our yearly Visual King of Kpop poll. Last year, he was hailed as the Visual King of K-Pop with 2.5 million votes. He was also part of the top 5 in 2020 with 365,000 votes. In 2022, the fight was fierce and Kim Seokjin failed to win. He lacked over 70,000 votes to be in the first place. 

Meanwhile, BTS is currently in the United States because they are going to attend Grammy Awards. 

 The third placer for the Visual King Of K-Pop is another Super Junior member. It’s none other than Choi Siwon who is actually the face of Super Junior. Choi Siwon got over 100,000 votes. Choi Siwon is currently busy with the variety program “My Little Old Boy.” He also recently released his collaboration track “Riding” with the duo UV. 

If you want to know the ranking of other k-pop idols, you can check it here.

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Top aesthetic Instagrammer from BTS

Here at Kingchoice, we asked our users which member from BTS has the most aesthetic Instagram feed. 

The BTS member who got the most votes is none other than Jin with the username @jin. He garnered over 185,000 votes. He beat member Jimin with over 60,000 votes. If you visit Jin’s personal Instagram account, you will most likely see his beautiful face and his travels. 

Meanwhile, Jimin ranked second with over 120,000 votes. If you want to check out his account, the username is @j.m. Unlike Jin’s account that has many selfies, Jimin mostly uploads sentimental pictures of sceneries. 

The third placer with the most aesthetic Instagram account from BTS is Jungkook with the cute username @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz. He received over 8,200 votes. In Jungkook’s feed, you’ll see some selfies, his hobbies, and even dance covers. But the most special posts, are the ones he dedicates to fans. Which is also a lot on his feed. 

Although V, J-Hope, Suga, and RM, didn’t win on our poll, we can reassure you that their personal Instagram accounts are also worth visiting. Not just for their aesthetics, but also, you can get to know more of each member and their styles of posting and communicating with fans.

All seven-member of BTS officially launched their personal Instagram accounts on December 6, 2021.

After 8 years of debut, BTS members finally launched their social media accounts. This is the very first individual social media account of the members since its debut. You might wonder (especially if you’re a new fan) if the members didn’t use any social media accounts before they created their own. But the truth is, the seven members share one account on all the official social media platforms and they take turns communicating with fans and sharing more about them. 

BTS recently held their BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL concert in South Korea. They performed for three days on March 10, 12, and 13. It was held at Olympic Stadium and global fans also got the opportunity to watch the event through online livestreaming. 

If you wish to see the result of the poll, you can check out this link.

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Best K-pop songs 2022 February voted by fans

InSomnias! Your favorite group Dreamcatcher took the number one spot on Kingchoice’s HOT50 WORLD SONGS FEBRUARY 2022 with their song Odd Eye. Not only that, their song BEcause also ranked second in the poll. We couldn’t be more proud! Their song Odd Eye got 64407 votes while BEcause followed with 62405 votes. They defeated top groups such as RedVelvet, BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, and more.

Dreamcatcher released “Odd Eye” in January 2021. After one year, the song is still being lovedby Kingchoice users. The song was part of Dreamcatcher’s “Dystopia: Road to Utopia”mini-album. This album topped the iTunes album chart worldwide upon its release. It also took the #1 spot in 16 regions of the world. The second runner-up song “BEcause” from Dreamcatcher was the follow-up release of the group after “Odd Eye.” “BEcause” was part ofthe July 2021 comeback of the group. The song was the title track of their mini-album ‘Summer Holiday.”

With the current result of our poll “HOT 50 WORLD SONGS,” it seems like fans of Dreamcatcher (InSomnias) dearly miss the group. No worries, because just last week, theagency of Dreamcatcher announced that the group is set to release a new song in early April. Hang in there, InSomnias! A few more months and there will be a new bop from Dreamcatcher.

Among the 50 songs listed on the poll, Red Velvet’s song “Queendom” took the third place.“Queendom” was released on August 2021 and it’s still liked by many until today. The song garnered 60099 votes from Kingchoice’s users. Not much difference between the first and second placers. Although Red Velvet wasn’t able to take the crown from the poll, the girls might be against Dreamcatcher once again with their new comeback. Red Velvet just released their first teaser for their upcoming late March comeback.

What song will win next on “HOT 50 WORLD SONGS” for March 2022 by Kingchoice?

See the full result of February vote

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BTS Taehyung & Jungkook the favorite K-Pop Shipped Couple 2022

BTS Taehyung and Jungkook are the most loved k-pop ship! In the The 100 Most Favorite KPOP Ship Couples 2022 poll, the two BTS members garnered over 2.2 million votes. We don’t blame the voters because we also want to see more of their interactions!

BTS doesn’t have a new music release as a group but members Jungkook and Suga recently revealed their collaboration track “Stay Alive.” Jungkook sang the song while Suga produced it.
And expected, the top boy group broke another achievement as it became the fastest song by any Korean soloist in history to hit No. 1 on iTunes Top Songs charts. They also made history on Spotify with “Stay Alive.” The song got over 4.2 million streams on Spotify on the first day of its
release. It became the highest number of first-day streams for any song released by a Korean solo singer on Spotify.

Although we have good news, there’s also some bad news. BTS Taehyung got diagnosed with COVID 19 while member Jimin recovered from it two weeks ago. Other members tested negative and only Taehyung will isolate himself and get treated.

The second k-pop ship on our poll is girls and it’s the BLACKPINK members. There’s only a few thousand difference on the votes but we can conclude that Jennie and Lisa are the top ships among female idols. JENLISA received over 2.1 million votes from our users. Jennie and Lisa
are the rappers of the group and the duo is also most loved. Maybe because of their cute sisterhood and friendship. BLACKPINK members are also aware that JENLISA has a huge fandom.

BLACKPINK members were very busy with their promotions but after several months, we finally saw the four members in a new clip. BLACKPINK released the teaser for their 2022 Welcome Collection. The Welcome Collection video will premiere on March 2 and the girls will be talking about themselves and answering the questions of BLINKS in the clip.

The third runner-up on our poll is the k-pop ship BTS Taehyung and BLACKPINK Jisoo. The two had an interaction in 2017 wherein the two were the MC of the SBS Inkigayo Super Concert. Ever since then, many became shippers of Taehyung and Jisoo. There were even dating rumors
of the two because of many similar items that Taehyung and Jisoo both have. In K-Pop, there were instances that celebrities got caught dating because of the similar items spotted with them. So many are speculating that the two top k-pop stars have a thing going on.

Did you like the result of the poll? If you want to find out which K-Pop ship couples also received hundreds of thousands of votes from our users, you can see the final result here.

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It’s sweet news for BTS fans!

Kim Seok Jin, also known by his stage name Jin, song ‘Abyss’ finished No.1 of our Hot 50 World Songs poll in April 2021.

That’s a great birthday gift from King’s choice community since Jin released this second solo song just one day short of his 28th birthday! A great proof of Jin’s talent who wrote the lyrics himself with the help of RM (Kim Nam-Joon) for the chorus.
The song is an extremely courageous and audacious step for a Korean artist, tackling a taboo thematic in both Korean society and the music industry: anxiety, stress and burnout. Jin reported that his inspiration came from “when I was feeling down.”

Indeed in ‘Abyss,’ Jin speaks about his insecurities regarding his career and music creation, and how his darker emotions drove him to write and release the song that became the 3rd most-liked song by a Korean artist on YouTube Music with 2.8M likes.

U-know new album ‘Noir’ and its title track ‘Thank U’ has settled No.2 with over 12,5000 votes. U-know (Yunho) is a South Korean singer, actor and a member of the pop duo TVXQ, and has already more than 17 years of singing experience under his belt.

‘Thank U’ is a pop dance song with a sense of darkness and heaviness that can be found in a film noir flick with a catchy and witty chorus.

The cinematic music video stars famous actors Hwang Jung Min and Lee Jung Hyun with a direction that draws heavily from various noir films of both Asian and Occidental influences. The 7 minutes-long music video stands as a deeper representation of the struggles that Yunho has faced in his 17 year-career.

‘The Rose’ song ‘Black Rose’ is No.3 !

‘The Rose’ is composed of four members: Sammy, Leo, Dylan, Jeff. Claiming that various agreements and clauses in their contract were broken, the band ended their relationship with their previous agency while suing for reparations. In retaliation, the agency took their latest album off all the music streaming services. This song was released in August 2020, after their album was taken offline. ‘Black Rose’ is named after and dedicated to their fans. ‘Black Rose’ seems to be a message to their fans not to worry and they will be back soon.
Being ranked as third best song just proves that fans have a message back, we are waiting for you!

Check out the full top50 list for April

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Jin is the best Kpop Vocalist 2021

The best Kpop Vocalist of 2021 is Jin (Kim Seok Jin), who also won the Hot 50 world songs for April with his solo title ‘Abyss.’

Jin is positioned as a sub-vocal in BTS and extraordinary at expressing his emotions through singing. In ‘the 50 best albums of 2019’ NME hailed ‘Jin’s spine-tingling falsetto wails during the final headbang-worthy section of ‘Dionysus’’ as the ‘Best Moment’ from the album. Jin received a lot of attention and praise for its unique and powerful vocals.

Kim Jae Joong (Jaejoong) is ranked No.2 this year with over 80,000 votes!  

Jaejoong is a member of JYJ and a former member of TVXQ. His voice is very light and angelic, with a clear and clean quality of sound. One of Jaejoong’s assets is his smooth voice control and understanding of music dynamics. His falsetto shows impressive extension since he is able to hit notes up until D6, even with tension. 

In January 2020, Jaejoong released the EP [Love Song]. Following the EP’s release, the dates and cities of his Asia Tour 2020 were announced but postponed due to Covid-19 concerns. We hope for all his supporters in the poll this month that he will be able to hit the road soon!

U-Know is ranked No.3 in the 100 Kpop Vocalist poll with over 48,000 votes.

U-know(Yunho) is one of the members of TVXQ, and he recently released his second solo mini Album [Noir]. This album presents a full range of a man’s emotions as if through a movie. U-know managed to capture the eyes and ears of music enthusiasts while delivering intriguing performances.