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Best K-pop songs 2022 February voted by fans

InSomnias! Your favorite group Dreamcatcher took the number one spot on Kingchoice’s HOT50 WORLD SONGS FEBRUARY 2022 with their song Odd Eye. Not only that, their song BEcause also ranked second in the poll. We couldn’t be more proud! Their song Odd Eye got 64407 votes while BEcause followed with 62405 votes. They defeated top groups such as RedVelvet, BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, and more.

Dreamcatcher released “Odd Eye” in January 2021. After one year, the song is still being lovedby Kingchoice users. The song was part of Dreamcatcher’s “Dystopia: Road to Utopia”mini-album. This album topped the iTunes album chart worldwide upon its release. It also took the #1 spot in 16 regions of the world. The second runner-up song “BEcause” from Dreamcatcher was the follow-up release of the group after “Odd Eye.” “BEcause” was part ofthe July 2021 comeback of the group. The song was the title track of their mini-album ‘Summer Holiday.”

With the current result of our poll “HOT 50 WORLD SONGS,” it seems like fans of Dreamcatcher (InSomnias) dearly miss the group. No worries, because just last week, theagency of Dreamcatcher announced that the group is set to release a new song in early April. Hang in there, InSomnias! A few more months and there will be a new bop from Dreamcatcher.

Among the 50 songs listed on the poll, Red Velvet’s song “Queendom” took the third place.“Queendom” was released on August 2021 and it’s still liked by many until today. The song garnered 60099 votes from Kingchoice’s users. Not much difference between the first and second placers. Although Red Velvet wasn’t able to take the crown from the poll, the girls might be against Dreamcatcher once again with their new comeback. Red Velvet just released their first teaser for their upcoming late March comeback.

What song will win next on “HOT 50 WORLD SONGS” for March 2022 by Kingchoice?

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