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Jin is the best Kpop Vocalist 2021

The best Kpop Vocalist of 2021 is Jin (Kim Seok Jin), who also won the Hot 50 world songs for April with his solo title ‘Abyss.’

Jin is positioned as a sub-vocal in BTS and extraordinary at expressing his emotions through singing. In ‘the 50 best albums of 2019’ NME hailed ‘Jin’s spine-tingling falsetto wails during the final headbang-worthy section of ‘Dionysus’’ as the ‘Best Moment’ from the album. Jin received a lot of attention and praise for its unique and powerful vocals.

Kim Jae Joong (Jaejoong) is ranked No.2 this year with over 80,000 votes!  

Jaejoong is a member of JYJ and a former member of TVXQ. His voice is very light and angelic, with a clear and clean quality of sound. One of Jaejoong’s assets is his smooth voice control and understanding of music dynamics. His falsetto shows impressive extension since he is able to hit notes up until D6, even with tension. 

In January 2020, Jaejoong released the EP [Love Song]. Following the EP’s release, the dates and cities of his Asia Tour 2020 were announced but postponed due to Covid-19 concerns. We hope for all his supporters in the poll this month that he will be able to hit the road soon!

U-Know is ranked No.3 in the 100 Kpop Vocalist poll with over 48,000 votes.

U-know(Yunho) is one of the members of TVXQ, and he recently released his second solo mini Album [Noir]. This album presents a full range of a man’s emotions as if through a movie. U-know managed to capture the eyes and ears of music enthusiasts while delivering intriguing performances.