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Millic (밀릭) is a South Korean producer under HIGHGRND. He debuted in July 2017 with the album “Vida” and the title track “Paradise”. Stage Name: Millic (밀릭) Birth Name: Cheon Seung Hyun (천승현) Position: DJ, Producer Birthday: April 24, 1993 Zodiac Sign: Taurus Nationality: Korean Instagram: @millicmillic Soundcloud: millic Millic Facts: – Millic is fluent in English – He studied abroad in Los Angeles in 2014, and he says that it was a critical time that shaped the person he has become – He is an adventurous person, and says that he used to skip class to go out when he studied abroad – He was inspired by Akon to become an artist – He has a tattoo of a red and blue Taeguk on his right wrist – His name Millic comes from his familial name, “Cheon” meaning 1000 in Korean. He then took the Spanish word for 1000, “Mil”, and made it into “Millic” – His motto is to not put limits on anything – “Vida” was his debut album, with “Paradise” being the title. – He is part of Club Eskimo, DEAN’s crew; along with Dean, Crush, Punchnello, Colde, 0channel, Miso, 2xxx!, Chek Parren, Jusen, and Rad Museum – He is a part of Fanxy Child with Zico, DEAN, Crush, Penomeco, and Stay Tuned. – “Vida” is taken from Vida Hollywood, where he stayed when he lived in LA – Millic has a younger sister

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