Kid Milli

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Kid Milli (키드밀리), born Choi Won-jae (최원재) is a South Korean rapper who debuted under BLGM in 2016. He has a few tattoos, including one on his hand. Real name: Choi Won Jae (최원재). He was born on October 26th 1993. Before being a rapper, he wanted to be a pro gamer. He participated in StarCraft’s semiprofessional tournament. He became interested in hiphop thanks to a friend who liked it. He began to pursue a music career more seriously after hearing Beenzino’s “If I Die Tomorrow”. His first EP in Indigo Music was “Maiden Voyage II”. He likes Japanese culture. This is reflected on his EP, especially with the song “Honmono” featuring Black Nut. In Japanese, “Honmono” means “real thing”, “genuine”, while in Korean is “geek”, “otaku” or “virtue”. He appeared on Mic Swagger. He is part of the crews COZYBOYS and WYBH.

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