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Jungkook’s Dreamers is Kingchoice’s Top Song for February 2023!

We might be a little sad because jungkook.97 is gone on Instagram but we have another thing to celebrate, ARMYs from all over the world! BTS member Jungkook topped Kingchoice’s Hot 50 World Songs for the month of February! 

Jungkook’s song Dreamers was released in November 2022 but even after four months, Kingchoice users still picked the song as their top favorite. It’s indeed a great song! 

If you’ve been following Jungkook and have been diligently watching him on his Weverse lives, maybe you can also share with him the good news that he topped Kingchoice’s poll! 

The second runner-up for the Hot 50 World Songs is none other than Super Junior. It doesn’t matter if their song “Celebrate” was released in the Christmas season, the message of the song is still relevant any day because it’s the celebration of Super Junior’s journey and gratefulness to ELFs who have been with them through it all. This is not the first time that the song ranked high on our poll. It really proves that the song is not only loved by ELFs but also by Kingchoice users. 

Meanwhile, Super Junior is currently busy filming for their Saudi Arabia travel show. 

Other songs that ranked high on our poll are Dreamcatcher’s Vision, BTS’ Yet to Come, Charlie Puth and Jungkook’s Left and Right, and more. To know more about the result of the poll, check here.