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“Produce X 101” MBK’s Nam Dohyun Receives Highest Votes By Fans in King Choice

Mnet “Produce X 101” has been one of the hottest issues these days in the K-Pop community. If you have yet to check out the profiles of the trainees, you can do so here.

Some time ago, fans of the audition program decided to start mock voting for the trainees on the show. Several of these voting were seen on online communities.

Thanks to the mock voting of the trainees, many were able to see their popularity through the voting results they had received. On, the voting took place and receive over 10 millions votes by International Fan.

MBK Entertainment’s Nam Dohyun topped the voting by receiving the 1st place. Following him is DSP Media’s Son Dongpyo and TOP Media’s Kim WooSeok.

“Produce X 101” began airing starting from May 3. Share with us who you are currently supporting! Link to vote: