Produce X 101 Finale: Hwang Yunseong should be the Main Dancer of X1

Although he is not as much noticed by MNET as other trainees. Hwang Yunseong "Dance Machine" still captured the hearts of national producers.

As the eldest of the Wood Lim trainees (Woollim Entertainment) in Produce X 101 this year, Hwang Yunseong gained attention with his true ability even though his broadcast time is almost zero. 

Although only 19 years old, Hwang Yunseong is known to everyone as a calm, genuine and potential trainee. In the first round of evaluation, thanks to his skillful dancing skills contrary to his lack of self-confidence, he was highly appreciated and ranked by the coaches.

When on television, people often see Yunseong as a shy, shy and quiet guy. In the first episodes, He often appeared with a bewildered face.

But when on stage, Hwang Yunseong turned into a different person - strong, masculine and charming. National producers often joke that Yunseong is like "turning wolf" when the lights flash and become puppies at the end of the show.

And it won't be too much for people to call Hwang Yunseong the "Dance Machine" of Produce X 101 this year. With great dancing skill, attractive expressions, smooth movements and perfect body proportions, Yunseong seems to explode on stage. After the rounds of Group Battle or Position, he was an excellent first-place player. Despite being quiet, Yunseong's performance as of the present time is truly remarkable: No.1 team Mama, No.1 team. Believer, Leader team Believer and U Got It.

To express their dissatisfaction, the fans showed Hwang Yunseong's strength and influence over the past time, his focus cams constantly on top of Naver despite videos of other famous trainees.

In addition, Yunseong also possesses a charming voice, the internal force that admire the national producers. In the Trainee's Visual Center poll, Yunseong ranked 10th in the most Handsome  Trainees in Produce X 101. Kang Minhee gave praise to his close brother "He has sad and clear eyes. Normally he is as silly as his goofy neighbor. When I was dancing, I was able to catch camera, it was very attractive so I really liked him. ”

In the last episode, Hwang Yunseong was disqualified and unable to debut in the band X1. Fans all over the world have expressed regret and anger over this result, they claim that Hwang Yunseong should be the Main Dancer of X1, replacing undeserved trainees like Kang Minhee, Songhyungjun or Son Dongpyo.

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