KPOP Rumors 2019 (Daily Update)

Rumors â€‹July 22, 2019

1/ Asia Artist Awards 2019 Lineups in Viet Nam: TWICE, GOT7, TXT, ITZY, NU'EST, MOMOLAND, SNUPER (100%); BLACKPINK (90%); BTS & EXO (50%); Jang Dong Gun, Lee Kwang Soo, Ong Seong Wu, Ji Chang Wook...; MC: Ahn Hyo Seob & Super Junior Leeteuk.
2/ EXO Couple: ChanBaek (Chanyeol - Baekhyun), Hunho (Sehun - Suho)
3/ Suho's family is very rich, involved in politics.
4/ Chen has a girlfriend, dating for 2 months, not in the entertainment industry. 

Rumors â€‹July 18, 2019

1 / EXO reunion in the future. Probably all 12 members
2 / SNSD performed in the tour together. But going away with 1 member - is Jessica
3/ A couple is opened by Dispatch for early next year:
Male × Female
+, Male is a former member of a disbanded group, debuted solo
+, Female of top music group,  has a name that begins with the letter S
4 / YG's next victim is FEMALE idol. After being announced, the idol girl announced her retirement from the showbiz
5 / TWICE re-signing the contract is certain. But Mina has not been able to sign it yet
6 / The popularity of BLACKPINK will continue from 2019 to mid 2020. From mid-2020 onwards, popularity and luck will decrease significantly.
7 / Taehyung is dating people in the industry. This relationship is very persistent. Although many times Taehyung wants to spoil or reveal to fans. But this idol girl doesn't agree, saying that will affect her career a lot. Since then, it has been shown that this idol girl is a top group like BTS. However she is not a BLACKPINK group
8 / Redvelvet sticky scandal seriously affected his career in late 2019. The risk of disband is possible
9 / Rave debut solo later this year in December
10 / Sana is dating people of the same gender, and more specifically, these two people are in the same group
11 / BLACKPINK really doesn't have many idol friends. YG separated them and didn't want them to get along with other idols. Jennie, Jisoo had previously played with Nayeon, but YG threatened and arranged for BLACKPINK and TWICE seats to be apart from each other in awards ceremonies.
12 / Daesang Song of the Year this year is not like everyone has guessed. Exactly not BTS or TWICE but BLACKPINK or IZ * ONE "
13/ Baekhyun's solo song will bring a sexy concept
14/  Somi's songs are really good but it takes a while for her to be popular
15/ PRISTIN will not have a reunion
16/ TWICE will be back in October
17/ Rosé (BLACKPINK) plans to debut solo in December
18/A couple of idols are about to be revealed, A is from a male group that has a large number of members and is not good, B comes from a cute little concept girl group.
19/ A Super Junior member will openly introduce his girlfriend
20/YG will continue to struggle for the end of this year and the first half of next year
21/ APINK September comeback

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