How to Vote?

Each User has 100 votes on entire Website for all Polls per 1 hour (50 upvotes and 50 downvotes). Upvote means Agree and Downvote means Disagree. You can comeback after 1 hour to continue to vote.

The two red and green buttons determine the ranking of each Option. Score = Green - Red. In case 2 Options have the same score, Option with the higher upvote will have a higher rank. You can click on the playvideo icon in each Option to view the Video. Our voting system works automatically and be refreshed every 5 minutes. You are the King and you make the result.

KPOP Poll that does not have specific end date will be closed at the end of the Year.

Note That: No need to register to vote, it's totally free. We do not use your information for any purpose. You can send message in the chat room to express your opinion.