BE YOUR NINE (BY9): Dream Group Fan Really Want after Produce X 101

Many international fans are vouching for a group to be created out of the 9 members of the top 20 who did not make debut into X1. The group's name would be BY9, or fully 'Be Your Nine'.

The members of BY9 would include Lee Jin Hyuk, Song Yuvin, Tony, Lee Se Jin, Hwang Yun Seong, Ham Won Jin, Goo Jung Mo, Kim Min Gyu, and Geum Dong Hyun.
Fans even shared the role of each group member of BY9 so they hoped they would debut. Check out the following division of group roles made by fans:

1. Lee Jin Hyuk : Leader, Main Rapper
2. Song Yu Vin : Main Vocalist
3. Hwang Yun Seong : Main Dancer
4. Kim Min Kyu : Visual, Lead Vocalist
5. Keum Dong Hyun : Lead Rapper. 
6. Ham Won Jin : Lead Dancer
7. Tony : Lead Dancer
8. Koo Jung Moo : Lead Vocalist
9. Lee Se Jin : Lead Vocalist

The petition has now reached 40,000 signatures, reaching the goal of 30,000 participants to look forward to receiving attention and promoting action to their host companies. 

Other fans are also asking to include these two fan-favorite trainees from the season - Lee Jin Woo and Choi Byung Chan. 

BY9 Group itself became the Trending Topic in many countries: #10 S.Korea, #2 in ThaiLand, #1 in Malaysia, #2 in Indonesia...Fans around the world compactly hope that their group will really be debuted.

Check out the following fan comments:
"The only way to save our broken hearts is to make BY9 debut."
"I also want to line up above. Please make them debut."
"Twitter does your magic. Please make them debut. I hope this group really debuts."
"I can't wait 2,5 years. I miss my Jeongmo and I think you guy miss your picks, too. So please help them. I want to see my Jungmo everyday from now."
"I wanna see how mcs of variety shows says oh yunseong is a quiet member and the rest of the members is like nooo f*ck nooo hes not quiet at all when theres no camera and he scolds people when we practice"
"Music works and TOP Media are positively reviewing the BY9 situation. WOOLLIM WHERE THE FCK ARE YOU? IS THE OFFICE CLOSE ON WEEKENDS?"
"Its not a bad idea to debut the remaining 9 trainees bcs they have a complete lineup too all positions filled up"

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