10 reasons why Wang Jyunhao (Guno) will fail at Produce X 101

10 reasons why Wang Jyunhao (Guno) will fail at Produce X 101:

1. His height is a bit low, not enough to become a Korean National Idol
2. He smiles too much that makes some people feel uncomfortable. Maybe he should smile less and be more manly.
3. The ability to speak Korean is not good
4. He is lack of confident on stage performance
5. His voice is not bad, but only suitable for easy ballad songs, not suitable for powerful songs
6. He looks like he always lacks of energy, he needs to improve his physique to look stronger. This is why he doesn't attract viewers and can't dance well
7. He just failed at YG Treasure Box, so the chance to debut at a new group of Mnet is completely impossible. He needs more practice time, about 1 or 2 years
8. Compared to other trainees, he is completely fuzzy
9. His appearance and style doesn't suit Korean people
10. Mnet recognizes the above reasons and doesn't give him much screentime