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    Zhou Zhennan


    Real Name: Zhou Zhennan ( 周震南) Birthday: June 21, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Height: 169 cm (5’6.5″) Weibo: Vin周震南 Facts: – His nickname is “NanNan Big White Rapper.” – He was born in Chongqiong, China. – Currently, Vin attends Meishi International School. – He has a sister and a younger brother. – He can speak English. – He loves fashion and enjoys wearing skirts. – He can play the piano. – He has a tattoo on the inside of his forearm of a tree branch. – His favorite thing about himself is his small eyes. – His fandom name is Antarctic Star (南极星). – He trained at JYP Entertainment in South Korea from 2014-2017. – Within his first year of training, he was slapped by the chairman after throwing his phone onto a table. He wanted to quit his training, but his parents encouraged him to follow the path he chose. (The Coming One) – He went back to China and participated in season 1 of Tencent’s idol program “The Coming One” and placed 4th, solidifying his debut. – He considers Victor Ma, who placed 2nd on “The Coming One”, to be his best friend. (CYZJ) – He is also close with Got7’s Jackson, Seventeen’s Jun and THE8, Kim Samuel, X-NINE, Chen Xuedong, and Johnny Huang. – He won the “Best Music Newcomer” award at the Tencent Supernova Night Awards. – He joined “Let Go of My Baby” for season 3 alongside Jackson Wang, Chen Xuedong, and Johnny Huang. – He appeared on “The Collaboration,” also known as “潮音战纪 Chao Yin Zhan Ji,” and partnered with Kim Samuel. Together they placed 1st, winning the show. – He is currently a contestant on Produce Camp.


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    Xia Zhiguang


    Native name: 夏之光 Nationality: Chinese Gender: Male Born: January 4, 2000 Age: 19


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    He Luoluo


    He Luoluo is the oldest member of Yi An Musical. He participated in the Chinese survival show, Produce Camp 2019. First Name: Yining Family Name: Xu Native name: 何洛洛 Also Known as: 徐一寜;徐一宁;洛洛 Nationality: Chinese Gender: Male Born: May 4, 2001 Age: 18


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    Yan Xujia


    First Name: Xu Jia Family Name: Yan Native name: 焉栩嘉 Also Known as: 嘉嘉;Yan Xujia Nationality: Chinese Gender: Male Born: September 23, 2001 Age: 17 Yan Xu Jia is a Chinese singer and actor and is part of the Chinese idol group, X-NINE. He also debuted in R1SE through Produce Camp 2019, lead by Dilraba Dilmurat, and finished in 3rd place.


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    Zhao Lei


    Zhao Lei, born on January 1, 1999 in Xiamen, Fujian Province, is a male singer and a member of the men's singing group R1SE in China. He studied at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music [1] . In November 2015, as a player, he participated in the Zhejiang Satellite TV " Burning Boys " program. In April 2016, he participated in the campus constellation super-powered online drama " Super Star Academy " [2] ; in September of the same year, he joined the "X玖 Youth League" as the lead singer [3] ; Launched the digital album of the same name " X玖 " [4] ; on December 10 of the same year, with the X玖 Youth League, the Tencent Video Starlight Awards "Year of Youth Men's Team Award" [5] . On April 2, 2017, the Shanghai concert was held in the name of “The Name of Oneself” [6] ; in September of the same year, the performance of the costume drama “Oh! My Emperor Majesty" [7] . In January 2018, the second album " Keep Online " was released with the combination [8] ; on October 4th of the same year, the "Keep Online" Hangzhou concert was held with the combination [9] . In 2019, he participated in the Tencent Video Youth Youth Training Program " Creation Camp 2019 " and finally joined the men's team R1SE in the 10th place [10] .


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    Liu Ye



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    Zhao Rang



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